Sun Noodle spans the country

HONOLULU — The ramen noodle maker that started 32 years ago in a Honolulu warehouse is now the dominant noodle supplier in the nation. And Sun Noodle is still spinning out more growth.

Starting as a one-man operation selling door-to-door in 1982, Sun Noodle now has factories in Honolulu, Los Angeles and New Jersey, and its noodles are served at the majority of noodle shops in Hawaii, New York, Los Angeles and almost everywhere in between. The operation, run by father and son team Hidehito and Kenshiro Uki, was built by meeting owners and chefs face-to-face and making their noodles to their customers’ specifications. And the effort is paying off, as the popularity of ramen noodles is soaring worldwide and Sun Noodle is rolling out enough noodles every week to circle the globe.

Photo courtesy of Sun Noodle

Source: Hawaii Business


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